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International Transport

When it comes to international moves, JTD Logistics has the experience and knowledge to handle the process from start to finish. Below is a quick run-down of how the process works:

  • One of our drivers will pick up the vehicle at your requested location and carefully unload the vehicle at one of our secure port locations.
  • As soon as we receive the required documents and all customs documentation has been handled, your vehicle will be loaded and exported on the next available vessel. We professionally load each vehicle into a container and brace it in order to ensure for a safe and damage free shipping. Depending on which shipping service you select, your car will be loaded alone, together with other vehicles in a container or driven onto a ship specially designed for vehicle transport.
  • We deliver the vehicle to the port or nearest proximity to your location and one of our agents will call you to help you clear the vehicle through customs and schedule your pickup.

You can reach us by phone at 513-214-3797 or by email at [email protected] if you have any additional questions.